Pre & Post Cataract Service


The prime purpose of the pre and post cataract pathway is to utilise the skills of additionally trained and accredited local optometrists in order to minimise the number of unnecessary referrals in to secondary care as well as freeing up secondary care appointments post operatively.

These schemes are only available to those who are registered with an East Lancashire / Blackburn with Darwen GP.

Key points: Pre Cataract

  • Routine sight test reveals the presence of a cataract.
  • Enhanced cataract assessment to include pupil dilation in order to establish any co-existing ocular disorders.
  • Discussion of health / lifestyle questionnaire
  • Discussion of advantages and disadvantages of cataract extraction and ascertain patient willingness for surgery

The patient may access the pre cataract service following a sight test or by a referral from a non-participating optometrist.

Key Points: Post Cataract

Patients will be seen 4-6 weeks after surgery for a final post-operative assessment. This will include:

  • Slit lamp examination of the anterior eye
  • Dilation and Volk fundus examination
  • IOP measurement
  • Discussion of the patient’s satisfaction with the outcome of surgery
  • A record of vision and visual acuity and determination of prescription required for any residual refractive error

The patient may access the post cataract service following surgery provided they have had uncomplicated surgery with no co-morbidity with the final decision being made by the operating ophthalmologist.